Todd James

Mascot & Mugs

$ 39.95


In the graffiti world it's the name that brings the fame, but what about the figural components of this urban typography? Some of the most iconic pieces in the history of graffiti have earned their place in the pantheon with the help of a masterfully rendered figure that lends additional presence to these works. Mascots & Mugs is the first book to examine these integral elements of graffiti art, and it traces the history of these characters from the earliest examples by writers such as Stay High, Cliff 170, and Blade, to those of later masters such as Mode 2, Doze, and Tack. Drawing inspiration from Saturday morning television, printed comic strips, and the dense urban landscape itself, graffiti writers could create characters free from the constraints of their usual letterforms. The result was outlandish visual sidekicks that, over time, became so prevalent that any would-be king needed at least a few in his artistic arsenal. Filled with never-before published photographs, rare interviews, and arranged chronologically, Mascots & Mugs is a must have reference work for anyone interested in cartoons, comics, graphic design, or the way in which subway graffiti has influenced contemporary art.